In order to achieve high quality standards, equipment also needs to be kept in good condition, with reliable and complete service, in order to meet the demands of milking and cooling.

With the help of modern evaluation techniques and original spare parts, our facility provides our customers with professional specialists whose aim is to maintain your equipment at its optimum.  Service is provided by seven Ford Transit service cars, which are supplied with complete evaluation techniques and the necessary assortment of original spare parts.

Our Service Centre Offers

  • Service available 24/7 for milking and cooling equipment year round within the whole of Slovakia.
  • Systematic maintenance program – biotechnical controls

    It covers regular preventive check ups, which significantly reduces the risk of random failures and unscheduled repairs.  These maintain the equipment to its optimum throughout the year.
  • Milking equipment-testing

    Testing of milking equipment does a complete check up of its technical state.

    With the help of special evaluation tools, we are able to measure and diagnose the equipment in terms of the milking system and disinfection.

We Measure and Evaluate:

  • Pulsation characteristics of all pulsating machines
  • Vacuum fluctuations
  • Performance, effectiveness and manual reserves of vacuum pumps
  • Dynamic tests of milking units at peak milk flow
  • Accuracy of milking units detachment
  • Accuracy of washing waves in the milk line
  • Concentrations of disinfection products
  • Overall washing dynamics etc.