HEATIME® – an independent system for heat detection

HEATIME® is a system based on the constant monitoring of cow movement, which aids in detecting heat or a cow disease.

Quick return on investment…

How does HEATIME® work?

Hang a tag onto the necks of every cow calved and it records its activity.  Install an antenna in an area, which these cows will pass through at least twice a day, and Heat Time will read the data from the tags.  After a cow passes under the antenna, the tag data is read and is sent to the control panel.  If a cow shows exceeded activity, a light will start flashing at the control panel, which alerts you to look the cow activity graph for the past 30 or 60 days.  Read out the part of the maximum activity of the graph, and after examining other signs of heat, decide when to inseminate the cow.

Why Invest Into HEATIME®?


  • Saves Money

    • Reduces the cost of insemination doses
    • More productive herd (reduces days open)
    • More effective herd management
    • Saves working time and staff costs
  • Offers up to 90% accuracy in heat detection
  • It is the most effective tool on the market now.  Unlike other similar tools, it records the cow’s movement, not only the amount of steps taken.
  • It also points out cows with lower activity, which can be disease related
  • It can be used on its own (independent of any milking system)